Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life

Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life
The Four Fitness Protocols

A Guide to Fitness Improvement

Many journeys to fitness improvement start with some form of fitness motivation. What usually happens is that an event or situation triggers the desire to engage in some form of fitness improvement. Unfortunately, in many cases, such events involve health issues, or even worst health emergencies. Disappointingly, unless you convert the initial motivation into lasting commitment, many fitness improvement efforts fail to last much longer after weight loss is accomplished. That means that people regain all, and in some cases, more weight than they originally started with.

To convert the initial fitness improvement motivation into lasting commitment, The Fitness Protocols guide to fitness improvement provides you with critical information and a series of exercises designed to build lasting commitment to fitness improvement. Fitness Protocols takes a balance approach to turning motivation into commitment. The first part involves ensuring you are ready to engage in fitness improvement. The reason for doing that is because many fitness improvement efforts fail prematurely due to lack of readiness. The second part involves ensuring development of a strong level of conviction towards your effort. The Fitness Protocols build conviction by helping you explore the drawbacks and benefits of better fitness.  Ultimately it helps you build a strong case for engaging in fitness improvement thus energizing you to take it on and to sustain your effort. Fitness motivation is critical to success because nothing happens without motivation. Nonetheless, commitment energizes motivation to make it stronger and longer lasting.

Lasting commitment is one of the key aspects that makes The Fitness Protocols guide to lasting weight loss and fitness improvement so unique and effective at making lasting improvement a reality.

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