Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life

Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life
The Four Fitness Protocols

Why Use Fitness Protocols

Fitness improvement is a challenging endeavor for most people. In fact, according to the National Weight Control Registry Study, fewer than 10% of those who become fit are able to sustain their new fitness level. People spend (waste) billions of dollars a year on the revolving door of fitness improvement.

Current approaches to fitness improvement are fragmented, and they lack a comprehensive approach we take. Most of these approaches (plans, programs, etc.) are based on a very narrow view of the problem and the challenges faced by those struggling with their fitness conditions and the consequences thereof. All these companies offering "solutions "to our fitness struggle seem to just want to sell us books, memberships, food, medications, treatments, surgery, and or some type of equipment. It is a multi-billion dollar annual market and with no end in sight. Many of them have one mission: to take your money and run. Moreover, they usually leave you right where we started, and sometimes-even worse: Out of shape and struggling all over again, if we had even stopped doing so.

Fixing the Right Problem

We believe there are three major reasons why so many fail to either improve or sustain their fitness:
  1. Lack of sustainable commitment to fitness improvement and/or maintenance
  2. Poor or no preparation and planning
  3. Failure to make sustainable changes in lifestyle, environments, routines, and habits.
Both our book and iPad Application provide a practical, systematic, and comprehensive approach intended on addressing and resolving the three aforementioned root causes.

As the figure below shows, the Fitness Dynamic is complex.  The Fitness Protocols will help you navigate and master it.  We will help you improve your fitness so you can enjoy life more!

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