Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life

Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life
The Four Fitness Protocols

Habit Change is Pivotal to Accomplishing Lasting Weight Loss and Fitness Improvement

Eventually each one of us should decides to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You read top fitness books and then adopt a fitness regimen. Controlling your diet and exercising are the essentials of almost all the fitness books and so you follow these mantras. However, unfortunately, many of us do not go through with the regimen after sometime and return to our diehard habits. The truth is that unless you change your habits and develop some better ones, you are not likely to succeed in your desire to look and/or feel better.

Designed by Epi Torres - Pittsburgh businessmen who incredibly lost 70 pounds and has keep them off for over 9 years, Fitness Protocols is the comprehensive, easy-to-follow and unique guide designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is a practical guide for those wanting to accomplish lasting weight loss and fitness improvement. The book will help you build commitment, prepare, and change your habits so that there is no going back and you remain fit throughout your life. Unlike the other so-called top fitness books, Fitness Protocols helps accomplish lasting weight loss and fitness improvement in three steps including building commitment, preparing for change, and changing habits.

Fitness Protocols addresses commitment-building and changing habits, as both are the most important and challenging aspects of any weight loss and fitness endeavor. All fitness books concentrate on the kind of food that you need to consume and the exercises that you need to do but, before you jump to that stage, Fitness Protocols stresses on developing a strong sense of commitment and habit change without which your fitness level cannot be maintained.

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