Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life

Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life
The Four Fitness Protocols

A Strong Sense of Conviction Helps You Build Lasting Commitment

Your sense of conviction is a strong feeling resulting from being highly convinced that you REALLY want to accomplish weight loss and fitness improvement. Conviction results from the process of evaluating and building a strong rationale for what you want to accomplish. To be most successful, you should ensure you build the strongest case possible.

Following we will briefly describe the key aspects of conviction we use in the Fitness Protocols approach to help you build your case. In order to help you produce the highest possible amount of energy we focus on two key aspects:

  • Things you don't want
  • Things you want

The things you do not want include current and future negative aspects associated with your current fitness condition such as:

  • Poor fitness drawbacks
  • Poor fitness risks
  • Poor fitness impact
  • Other things you don't want

These are all the things you want get rid of, or avoid. The things you really dislike or hate about being out of shape and would do almost anything to get away from!

The things you want include the positive aspects of improved fitness such as:

  • The possibilities of better fitness
  • The benefits of better fitness
  • The needs better fitness meets
  • Other things you want

These are all the positive things you want to obtain by improving your fitness. The things you want badly and would do almost anything to get.

In both our weight loss and fitness improvement book and best iPad App, we provide with an easy-to follow systematic approach to help you identify these aspects. Doing so should produce a high level of conviction that can add to your lasting commitment to lose weight and improve your fitness.

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