Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life

Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life
The Four Fitness Protocols

Get a Perfectly Balanced Fitness Book

Health and fitness books are a dime a dozen. There are thousands of titles available out there. However, few if any, offer a complete and balanced solution to the challenge people who want or need to improve their fitness face. The Fitness Protocols, by Epi Torres is an exception. According to the National Weight Control Registry’s statistics, Torres is one of the few individuals who have been able to achieve lasting weight loss and fitness improvement. In his comprehensive and balanced book, Torres shares the weight-loss and fitness tactics that helped him accomplish lasting weight loss and fitness improvement.

According to the world’s toughest book critics at Kirkus Indie, “Torres is a convincing authority on exercise and diet—he reduced his waist size by 10 inches and has maintained a 70-pound weight loss for nearly 10 years.” Moreover, they call it “a comprehensive book that details and outlines how to achieve optimum fitness and improve one’s quality of life.”

In the book, Torres takes a balanced approach by breaking down valuable information into four sections: commitment, preparation, change and maintenance. He takes readers through the complete weight loss journey to help them achieve the maximum level of success. Each section contains important information as well as exercises to be used in each stage of the journey.

In the section about commitment, Torres helps readers develop a dedication to exercise, nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. The second section helps the reader prepare for improving their fitness, while the third section, change, helps the readers complete the actual actions. After readers hit their fitness and weight loss goals, Torres explains how to maintain the changes and improvements made for years to come.

In addition to the book, Epi is also developing two iPad Tablet Apps for those who prefer to use an electronic medium. Both the Fitness Protocols and FitnessPlanner Apps will be available in the near future on the Apple® App Store.

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