Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life

Improve Your Fitness and Enjoy Your Life
The Four Fitness Protocols

Lasting Weight Loss Has Become Easier

According to the National Weight Control Registry Study statistics, fewer than 10 percent of people who lose weight are able to keep it all off for a prolonged period (over two years).

Until now, the best weight loss books have not been able to come up with a balanced approach to lasting weight loss and fitness improvement. However, The Fitness Protocols by Epi Torres is changing that. The book is based on the lessons Torres learned over nine plus years since he lost and kept off over 70 pounds.

What makes this one of the best weight loss books is the balanced approach Torres devised to help him become so uniquely successful, according to weight loss maintenance stats.

The Fitness Protocols focus is on three critical aspects that cause lasting weight loss to be so elusive:

  • Lasting commitment to lasting fitness
  • Proper preparation for the weight loss and maintenance effort
  • Lasting habit and lifestyle changes

Lasting weight loss and fitness improvement require much more than just a diet and/or exercise. To be most successful, you need to take a comprehensive and balanced approach that includes commitment building, good preparation, and habit and lifestyle adjustments. Otherwise, we may end up losing weight, but the loss is not long-lasting or even better permanent.

What The Fitness Protocols book does differently and better than prior so called “best fitness books” is guiding you through the process of building your commitment to lasting fitness, helping you better prepare to accomplish and sustain weight loss and better fitness, and guiding you through the habit and lifestyle changes necessary to maintain your improved fitness.

That is why The Fitness Protocols approach makes lasting weight loss so much easier to accomplish!

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